Rice Lake Rocks AD TEE


One of our vendors had a big sale on discontinued t-shirts. We took the opportunity to get assorted colors and sizes at low prices.  Because we were able to get this great deal, we can reduce the sponsor space cost down to only $70 each from the regular price of $120. If you are at all interested in participating in this Rice Lake Rocks AD Tee project please contact us ASAP.  We need to fill all six spots.

The “Rice Lake Rocks” AD TEE is a t-shirt giveaway program with great local advertisement potential. We will print 144 t-shirts with the above logo, designed to promote and express pride in the Rice Lake community.

These shirts will be given away freely at participating area businesses, resulting in 144 walking billboards displaying your ad to the public.

There are six 4″x5″ ad spots on the back available to local businesses for purchase.  Ad space is distributed on first come first serve basis. We will not include ads from competitors and final proofs will be sent out prior to production. Ads are limited to 1 color printing. As AD TEE sponsor you will be eligible to claim a maximum of 15 shirts from the 144 printed to hand out as you choose. A minimum of 6 sponsors must be reached before production can begin.

If you would like to participate in the “Rice Lake Rocks” AD TEE or just have questions please use the form below. We will contact you via e-mail for your logo and to arrange payment. Please indicated which spot or spots you would like by the letters shown on the image above.