Q. Do I have to buy shirts from you or will you print on shirts I provide.

  •  No you do not have to purchase items from us, We will try to print on almost any thing you will bring us. There is an additional charge from our regular prices and you assume the risk of your items becoming damaged from processes. We can not make guarantees on customer supplied items. Please read our policies page for details on “customer supplied clothing”.

Q. My item was damaged when I received it, can I return it for a new one?

  • In most cases,Yes. Refer to our return policy for more information.

Q. How long will it be before I receive my order?

  • Our standard production time is 14 business days. This time begins after the entire final order as been submitted, and all artwork has been approved. If you order requires shipping to you, please allow for that time as well.

Q. I just received my order and need to 1-2 more items, What will it cost?

  • If you items were screen print Apparel, bags, or caps, and you are reordering within 2 weeks the price per item will remain the same as your previous order, and a setup fee of $5 per color/screen will be applied. If your items were embroidered the price per item will remain the same as your previous order, no setup. If you ordered Promotional Product that we get from outside vendors, you will have to meet the minimum order amount and the price will change according to the quantity ordered at that time.


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