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Customer education articles pertaining to ordering, artwork, and processes.

Halftone Printing Explained

Halftones are a pattern of tiny dots that can simulate different shades of color using varing percentages of a single ink. Visually, halftones create the illusion of a continuous tone image by using spots of varying size and density to represent darker or lighter color values. Halftones work by fooling the eye into seeing the […]

Accepted Artwork Files

Preferred Art files: Vector: ( All text as curves and all outlines/strokes as objects ) • CorelDraw X5 or higher • EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) • PDF (Portable Document File) • AI (Adobe Illustrator) • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) Raster: ( bitmap pixel graphic ) High resolution at least 3000 pixels on the long side. […]

Graphic File Resolution

What you need to know about sending your files to a graphic designer. One of the biggest problems we see when working with clients is getting files at the correct resolution. Ideally vector based graphics files are best for screen printing. Photographs or raster graphics at high resolution can usually be reproduced reasonably well. Here’s […]