Accepted Artwork Files

Preferred Art files:

Vector: ( All text as curves and all outlines/strokes as objects )
• CorelDraw X5 or higher
• EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)
• PDF (Portable Document File)
• AI (Adobe Illustrator)
• SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)

Raster: ( bitmap pixel graphic ) High resolution at least 3000 pixels on the long side.
• PNG ( transparent background, if possible )
• JPG ( if possible, shown on both a white and black background. 2 separate files )

The Good

The Bad

& The Ugly

Files types accepted that are preferred and may require little
artwork time.

Files types that are accepted and require an average amount of artwork time and fees.

Files types that might work abut most often are not good enough, or that will require extensive artwork time.

graphics files:

  • CDR:
    CorelDraw version X5 or older

  • EPS:
    Encapsulated Post Script file.


Raster files: 3000 Pixels on the long side and higher.


  • PNG: Portable Network

  • PSD: Adobe Photoshop CS 4 and older

  • XCF: GIMP file format

graphics files:

  • PDF:
    Portable Document Format

  • AI:
    Adobe Illustrator version 10 or older.

  • SVG:
    vector graphic

Raster files: 1000-2500 Pixels on the long side.


  • PNG: Portable Network

  • TIFF: Tagged Image files

  • PSD:
    Adobe Photoshop CS 4 and older

  • XCF:
    file format

  • DOC:
    old Microsoft Word Documents.

  • DOCX:
    new Microsoft Word Documents.

  • PUB:
    Microsoft Publisher files

Image files in these formats that are less than 1000 Pixels on the long side.

  • JPG

  • PNG: Portable
    Network Graphic

  • GIF: Graphics
    Interchange Format

  • BMP: Bitmap

  • TIF:
    Image files


Anything else:
other file types that are not listed as acceptable.


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