Monthly Archives: April 2014

Love Rice Lake AD TEE

The “Love Rice Lake” AD TEE is a t-shirt giveaway program with great local advertisement potential. We will print 144 t-shirts with the above logo, designed to promote and express pride in the Rice Lake community. These shirts will be given away freely at participating area businesses, resulting in 144 walking billboards displaying your ad to […]

How Giving Away T-Shirts can increase your business

 I’m going to let you in on a little secret…  When it comes to business, I’m passionate, motivated and driven.  But when it comes to a lot of other things in my life, I can be pretty lazy. As soon as I started making money with Single Grain, one of the first things I did […]

Halftone Printing Explained

Halftones are a pattern of tiny dots that can simulate different shades of color using varing percentages of a single ink. Visually, halftones create the illusion of a continuous tone image by using spots of varying size and density to represent darker or lighter color values. Halftones work by fooling the eye into seeing the […]